“I inspect with the effectiveness of a firefighter, the heart of a teacher, and the knowledge of a professional”

-Jeff Smith, AZ325 Real Estate Inspection’s founder and home inspector

Putting Your Mind at Ease

The home inspection is a crucial element of the process when buying or selling a home. A Buyer’s Inspection will give the buyer the information they need about the home’s true condition so that they can return to the table alongside their agent and request that a seller repair or replace elements of the home that the home inspector found to be defective before the deal is officially closed. The knowledge the buyer gains through the home inspection and the home inspection report can put the buyer at ease, since they will learn whether the home in question is truly the home of their dreams, rather than having to worry about surprise damages, defects, and safety issues appearing after they’ve already committed to the sale.

Having a home inspection performed prior to putting a home on the market is also of momentous importance to sellers. A Seller’s Inspection empowers the seller with knowledge so that they are able to tackle any defective aspect of their home before it is caught by the buyer’s inspector, which could potentially throw a wrench in the process of the sale. Licensed home inspector Jeff Smith of Southern Arizona’s AZ325 Real Estate Inspection thrives on providing buyers and sellers with the information and understanding they need to navigate the real estate transaction process with confidence and clarity.

The Take-Home Lesson

As a former firefighter for the Air Force and professional educator, Jeff Smith of AZ325 Real Estate Inspection will not only serve you as an effective home inspector who practices a detail-oriented and systematic approach, he will also teach you about the home, answer all of your questions in a manner you will understand, and give you access to your home inspection report within 24 hours of the completed inspection. Your report will include notations by all of Jeff’s findings, along with suggested ways of approaching issues and numerous expanding images to further illustrate Jeff’s discoveries.

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Because AZ325 Real Estate Inspection uses HomeGauge’s reporting software, you and your real estate agent will also have access to the groundbreaking Create Request List, or CRL™. Depending upon your choice, the CRL™ will draw from your report or its summary and will allow all involved parties to create a list of repairs, replacements, or desired compensation requested by the buyer. The CRL™ reduces the time it takes to create a Repair Addendum to mere minutes while simultaneously limiting liability. To learn more, visit AZ325 Real Estate Inspection’s Create Request List™ web page, where you can learn more and even try out a demo of this patent-pending tool.

Meeting Your Home Inspection Needs in Southern Arizona

AZ325 Real Estate Inspection offers home inspection services to Southern Arizona, including Tucson, Phoenix, Douglas, Prescott, and Prescott Valley.  As long as it’s light outside, we’re inspecting homes. Appointments are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Call AZ325 Real Estate Inspections at 520-789-0513  today to schedule your inspection and for information about our discounts for veterans, first-time home buyers, and educators.

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