Having your own backyard swimming pool is great, but it also comes with a responsibility to keep your family and guests safe. A pool requires maintenance to keep it clean so that the water is safe to swim in and features should be in place to prevent accidents. There are certain dangers that come with owning a pool, so it is important that you implement ways to increase safety around a swimming pool.



Whether you own an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, installing a fence around the perimeter is an effective way to increase safety around a swimming pool. Many swimming pool safety fences are childproof and have lockable gates to prevent uninvited visitors from accessing your swimming pool.


Along with increased safety against trespassers and children, swimming pool safety fences can also provide you and your family with privacy. Some fences are designed with materials that provide a solid barrier to protect your privacy while also having a locking gate with nonstick hinges to act as a safety fence too.


Nets Increase Safety Around A Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool will not always be in use even during regular swimming weather. When your swimming pool isn’t in use and isn’t being supervised, installing a pool safety net will increase safety around a swimming pool. Pool safety nets are installed on the outside of the pool and rigged with a system of pulleys that allow it to be placed over the top of the pool within minutes and also retracted and stored within the same amount of time.


A pool safety net is a great safety addition to a swimming pool because it will prevent a child from being submerged in the water should he fall onto the swimming pool.


Pool Cover

Pool covers are a great way to increase safety around a swimming pool, but they work best for in-ground pools since they need to be anchored to a pool deck. They are available in two different styles, mesh and solid, and are generally anchored to a pool deck and stretched over the pool for a secure hold. The cover is tethered to stainless steel hooks by straps and is pulled taut over the swimming pool to prevent children and pets from accidentally falling into the water. Pool covers are quite durable and can hold over 400 pounds of weight per five square feet. This prevents pets and people from sinking down into the water if they accidentally fall or step onto the cover.


Life Jackets

Life jackets are an essential item to keep in and around your swimming pool for safety reasons. These jackets can be stored out in the open for easy access during an emergency or they can be stored in a nearby container or storage shed. Life jackets can help to save the lives of young children who are just learning how to swim and can also save the lives of anyone swimming in your pool who experience some type of distress while in the water. Life jackets can be purchased in varying sizes and for various purposes, whether it’s to teach children how to swim or to act as a rescue device.


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