Many homeowners live in environments where their pools will be used most of the year and it’s one of their favorite amenities, however, keeping your pool clean can be a challenge. Consider five simple tips that can help you get the most enjoyment out of your pool all year long.


1. Beat the Bugs!

Nothing is more unsightly than seeing a beautiful pool covered with dead insects. You may want to think about purchasing a cover to go over your pool when it is being used by family and friends. Also, make sure your pool skimmer baskets are cleaned out frequently to ensure bugs won’t accumulate in your pool. It is also a good idea to purchase skimmer net to gather debris, which can be a major obstacle to keeping your pool clean.


2. Don’t Forget the Filter

While it might be easy to remember to clean your pool, cleaning your pool’s filter is often overlooked. A pool filter is essentially like the heartbeat of your pool. If you want your pool to be pumping out clean water, cleaning the pool filter is an absolute must. Consult with a professional pool technician to help if you are unsure how to clean your filter.


3. Use a Brush for Walls and Floor

Keeping your pool clean isn’t just about the water. Your pool walls should also be cleaned in order to prevent algae from forming. Using the correct brush is determined by your pool’s material, so ask your pool cleaning company if you can’t decide which one is best.

  • Stainless Steel Brush- Use this type of brush for hard pool surfaces, like concrete.
  • Nylon Brush- This brush is better if you believe your pool is prone to scratches.

4. Keeping Your Pool Clean Includes Balancing the pH

Keeping the proper pH level is another vital aspect of keeping your pool clean. A good pH should be around 7.5. If your pool pH level drops below 7.5 your pool will become more acidic. An acidic pool can cause corrosion. If your pH level starts to approach 8, then you risk the effectiveness of the pool’s chlorine.


5. Call the Pros

Maintaining a clean pool is definitely a big responsibility. If you have neither the time nor the knowledge to properly care your pool, your best choice is to call a professional. Pool professionals have years of training and expertise to keep your pool functioning its best at all times. A pool inspection is a good place to start so that you can find out if there are any issues that could be compromising the safety or cleanliness of your pool.


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