It’s exciting to look forward to taking a trip with your family members or friends and having an escape to a beautiful destination. But or many people, it can be easy to forget about securing their home as they pack and plan for their departure. If you want to protect your property and prevent it from being targeted, there are a few essential tips to follow.


Install a Security System

A security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your property and prevent intruders from stealing your personal belongings while you’re away. Look for a wireless security system that includes sensors that are added to each door and window in the home. You can also consider installing surveillance cameras, which will allow you to monitor the property while you’re away using your smartphone or tablet. Most surveillance cameras begin recording when motion is detected and even include night vision.

Surveillance cameras monitoring inside of the building allow you to report an intruder that breaks in and have a recorded visual of their appearance.


Protect Your Property with Automated Lights

Automated lights are incredibly useful because they will make your home look occupied when it’s vacant. You can set a timer that allows specific lights in the home to turn on during the evening hours and at night, which will make burglars assume that someone is present. You can also leave a television or radio on near common entry points.


Illuminating the exterior of the building is also a good idea at night along with keeping lights on in the yard or on the porch to prevent strangers from hiding in the shadows.


Stop Your Mail Delivery Service

Contact your local post office to request that they stop delivering your mail between the specific dates that you’ll be away. When mail piles up in your mailbox, it tips off intruders that you’re on vacation. You can also ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail or packages to prevent them from sitting out on the porch or collecting in your mailbox.


Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are energy-efficient and only turn on when activity is detected within feet of the sensor. Installing a motion sensor light near a front door or window can startle intruders and cause them to think that someone inside of the building turned the light on at that moment. Illuminating dark areas of the property will also make the intruders easy to spot by your neighbors.


Use Window Films

Many intruders attempt to break in through windows, making it necessary to add window films. A window film prevents the glass from being easy to smash and makes it tougher to break. The intruder may give up after attempting to shatter the glass by hitting it multiple times without any success.


You’ll also want to keep your valuables out of plain sight near the windows to make sure that intruders don’t scope out what they can steal by taking a peek into the home first.


Secure Your Front Door

Protect your property by securing your front door with reinforcing knob locks to prevent burglars from getting in with the use of a credit card. Adding an extra bolt lock will also provide additional security. You can also replace your old casing with hardened steel to make the lock more resistant to impact.


These are the are extra steps that you should take to protect your property when you leave for a trip. With the right tools and techniques used, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have taken extra measures to keep your home safe from burglars.


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