How Reducing Energy Costs During Summer Helps You

During the hot months of summer, it’s tempting to leave your AC unit on a refreshingly cool 68 degrees during all hours of the day. However, this can be a costly decision that can end up hurting your wallet more than anything. Instead of just relying on your AC to deal with the heat, here are a few methods of reducing energy costs during summer that you can do today.


1. Purchase Heavy Drapes

The sun shining through your windows can account for extra heat in your home. If your home has a lot of windows, then that sun is going to be directly transferring its heat into your home. A way around this is to procure heavy drapes and close them during the hottest part of the days. It isn’t enough to use lightweight drapes either. The sun can easily penetrate through the fabric, and you’ll still end up with the AC working harder to keep your home cool.


If you’re concerned about the cost of heavy drapes, especially if you have a lot of windows in your home, then consider only placing drapes on the windows that receive the most sun exposure. The sun will be kept out of your home, the heat will decrease, and you’ll see a reduction of your energy bill by not turning the AC on constantly.


2. Don’t Turn Off Your AC

A mistake that many homeowners use in an attempt of reducing energy costs during the summer is to simply turn off the AC when they’re not at home. While this may be a sound plan if you’re not going to be home for a few days, it will actually cost you more if you’re turning it off simply while you’re out working.


The heat in the house will rise without the AC on, and as such, when you come home, you’ll have to remove the heat that’s been collecting inside all day. This means your AC unit will be running longer than it normally would have been if you had just left the AC unit on while you were at work. There is an option on most AC units that can help you out, however. Most AC units these days come with an energy saver or scheduling option so you can set the temperature for different times of the day. This keeps your AC doing minimal work without compromising your comfort at home. You’ll keep your home cool enough so it doesn’t have to be run for hours on end once you return.


3. Consider Fans

On those summer days where the heat isn’t unbearable, you may want to consider putting the AC into a constant state of energy saver mode and using ceiling fans to help keep the home cool. Well-placed ceiling fans can keep cool air circulating throughout your home. They’re especially useful in bedrooms and keeping you cool at night. They also require less energy to use than the air conditioning unit which makes this a sound method of reducing energy costs during summer.


Enjoy a Cool Home While Saving Money

By following some of these suggestions for reducing energy costs during the summer, you can enjoy a cool home and a healthy wallet. Without worrying about those energy bills, you can utilize the extra funds to create some memories with your family. With the extra money saved by reducing energy costs, you can enjoy the summer instead of hiding from it.


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